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In game,

Check out our game by clicking the FMUD link at the top of the page, this allows you to get right into the game without downloading anything!

Finish the training and then you can talk to anyone online in our friendly community and someone may give you some help on what to do first!

We are constantly looking for new people to join our game and have the fun that we have been having from the very start! Regular updates is what keeps things fresh and we do just that!

A Moment

Of silence,

The staff and players of Dragonball Evolution would like to take a few moments and send out prayers to all the families and victims of the tragedies of 2013.

The events of many kidnappings, to the bombing in Boston Marathon to the deadly tornados in Oklahoma. And the many other sad and tragic events that have gone on worldwide.

As human beings its only right that we send out our prayers to those families and the victims who have survived, along with those who didnt.

We ask that we all take a moment and bow our heads for a moment of silence for them.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated to us all.

Recent Updates

Take a look at the recent updates,

Lowered the MOB level required to get a Casual pl bonus to 5,000
Lowered the MOB level required to get a PvE ki bonus to 10,000
Updated Absorb's pl bonus to 4 if using it on a player
Updated Drain's pl bonus to 4 if using it on a player
Updated Ingest's ki bonus to 4 if using it on a player
Added in a new quest in Capsule Corp, Source of the Infection in Crater Lake
Added in more tiers of damage caps, help 2damage
Changed the group range to use powerlevel instead of level
When you miss a single target ki attack, you have a 10% chance to get +1 focus
Added hitroll to Heavenly Rain's heal formula
Officers in clans can now boot members
Added a pink aura to majins in Morph Super
Added in a new defensive skill for arlians, Cocoon
Added in a light blue aura to humans in Shuman Second
Removed the globe of energy and mutated skin aura
Rebalanced damage reduction
Icers and Bio-Androids now have / 2.05 damage reduction with Barrier/Fortify Skin
Wielding a weapon now gives 1 round of lag
Added in Astral Dimension Slash for Demons